About Us

The Indigo team can boast the longest pedigree in developing systems for the legal profession, going back to 1980. We believe we offer best value expertise in IT systems and support to the legal profession.

You may not have heard of us because we are a software development and support organisation who have not, to date, had a sales or marketing division, leaving that to third parties. Software we have produced has been sold into more than 1,000 firms and our support and services team has won awards, as voted by users. All of our services team are former legal cashiers. 

 Our products, Indigo Financial Centre and Indigo Case Centre, cover all aspects of the Law Firm and enable lawyers to get on with their daily workload with a slick, easy to use interface. They are built on the latest technology platforms and can work in either an “on premise” or “cloud/hosted” environment. With our newly introduced Indigo Case Centre we embrace all areas of a Law Firm. 

 To date we have been the best kept secret in Legal IT. We have been providing solutions for Law Firms for over 20 years under our current structure and 35+ years since we first began developing software for lawyers. We offer products of real quality at very competitive prices. 

 We are experts, due to decades of experience, in migrating data from other suppliers’ systems. Usually we can include a comprehensive data migration, including transaction history free of charge.